Pygame Tutorial, learn a lot and have loads of fun!

Pygame is daunting to look at understand initially. Especially to those uninitiated to programming or just initiated to block based languages like Scratch.

As a part of my work for a summer camp at Curiositygym, Mumbai, I dived into it and here is my walkthrough for all levels from super easy to hard.


We shall write a game to draw circles and rectangles and create walls and things.

The circle can be drawn on key and mouse movements and the circle can be drawn when the mouse moves and also change the colour of the cirlce when space is pressed. Basic event recognition and management will be covered here.

The circles are so powerful that when it comes in contact with the walls/things, it has the special power to destroy it.

Reach till here and you have covered all aspects of pygame and learn why Object-oriented programming is required.

Post this you can write any game you want, strategy, simulations or tile based games.
All this code you can find in the github repository and two additional tile based games with increasing complexity.

  • Memory game – Tile based game where you remember the numbers displayed and find pairs.
  • Just10 – Tile based game to form pairs of numbers adding up to 10

The tutorial has 19 parts to it:

Go to Part 1 and have loads of fun and learning!


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