Part 18: Add some music and add some spice!

Now for some music! Feel it! No pictures here and in the free version no pictures allowed.

Before the while loop, add

#Play music infintely till the game runs
MUSICFILE = "background_music.mp3"


The code loads the music file and runs it again and again in a loop, till we stop it.
In the game over part of the code.

    GAMEOVERMUSIC = "gameover.mp3"
    PLAYONCE = 0
    if(len(wall_group.sprites()) == 0):
        print("game over")


The code stops the background music, loads the game over music and plays it only once this time (PLAYONCE = 0).

Now, what if we need to add levels to our game, by making the wall structure more difficult to break?
Ready for the last challenge?


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